Who we are

Our foundations are integrity, teamwork and commitment.  We enjoy what we do and thus, we create with passion. We love innovation. Every new project gives us the thrill of a fresh challenge. Out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility, creativity and effectiveness (even in tight timeframes) define us. We will be happy to work with you!

Domenica Productions
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What we do

While the market is evolving, each client demands faster, more authentic, more appealing content. Our goal is to create an engaging and remarkable experience for your audience, with a flexible, fast and dynamic production process. Starting from TV interviews and commercials, live-streaming services, corporate clips, food/product photography & videography, corporate events, art shows, theatrical performances, fashion shows, music & social media clips, we can provide any and all video and photo production services.

Corporate Videography & TVC/ Web Commercials

Helping you shape your image

We produce engaging high-quality videos helping you develop or kickstart your business profile while managing every aspect of the production process: from creative development, casting & scriptwriting, shooting, editing, graphics, voice-over, music, to broadcast delivery. We approach every project aiming to understand the unique value of your business, communicate it authentically to its audience and empower the brand.

Conferences / Corporate Events / Trade & Fashion Shows

Recording and beyond

With an extensive track record in multi-camera shooting a variety of conferences / workshops with our advanced equipment and techniques, we ensure not only that we can meet your event’s needs and record the highlights of your presentations, but deliver an audiovisual production for your informational, online & social media promotion, public awareness, or other purposes on time and respecting your budgetary confinements.

Hotel Ads / Real Estate Advertising / Touristic Promotion

Travel related and real estate businesses and real estate are the forefront of video advertising in the pool of online marketing. Even though the destination itself may be the most important asset, a strong impression always attracts customers. Our vast experience in this field and our long-time partnership with both public and private institutions in the hospitality business in Greece and abroad may speak for themselves. We know how to create the video content that will make your hotel, your business or your estate reach the top of your audience’s bucket list.

Interviews / Talk Shows / Video clips / Documentaries / Films

Revving up your audience

Filming for TV and cinema while maintaining high standards in reasonable costs is not an easy task. We provide not only technical experience and cutting-edge equipment while filming, but we ensure that all the little details that turn an informational tool into dynamic and engaging content are in place.

Live Streaming Services / Video Wall and more…

Hooked on cutting-edge tech

Our gear includes video production equipment, live streaming platform, video wall, cranes, drones with 4K resolution cameras, photobooth and more… Our flexible team of professionals has a long-standing experience in media and show business. This, combined with our savvy tech team providing on-the-fly adjustments as needed, makes us the one-stop-shop when it comes to organizing your corporate event or publicity show.



Capturing all your business work with finesse

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